Game Of Navy Admit Card Britain’s First Olympic Champion

Launceston Elliot was a able amateur who took allotment in no beneath than 5 challenge at the countdown avant-garde Olympic Amateur captivated in Athens in 1896, acceptable Britain’s aboriginal Olympic champion. He had a arresting anatomy and was declared as: ‘the a lot of handsome man of his generation.’His father, Gilbert Elliot, was a court accompanying to the Earls of Minto, who were accustomed for their acclaimed annual in India, and Launceston was built-in in India on 9 June 1874. While Gilbert was blockage in a auberge in Launceston, Tasmania, his aboriginal wife fell to her afterlife from a balcony, allegedly beneath apprehensive circumstances, and Gilbert affiliated the auberge receptionist, Ann, who was of Scottish descent. Launceston was a artefact of this marriage, and he was said to accept been alleged afterwards the boondocks area he was conceived. Afterwards spending allotment of his aboriginal adolescence in Australia, he saw his accurate citizenry for the aboriginal time in 1887 if his ancestor began agriculture in rural Essex.He became absorbed in bodybuilding and abounding the academy of Eugene Sandow (1867-1925), the admired able absolutist and backer of concrete culture, area he was alien to the activity of weightlifting. Sandow was a man of anxious angle who advocated balance in all methods of health. Beneath his able advice Elliot was accomplished to admit the advantages of acquired able-bodied ability by a arrangement of movements over basal animal strength. Elliot was a acceptable pupil, and at the age of alone 16 he gave a acceptable annual of himself at the aboriginal weightlifting championships accessible to competitors from all over the world, which were captivated at the Cafe Monaco on Piccadilly in London, on 28 March 1891. The antagonism lasted three days, during which time anniversary man attempted ten lifts consisting mainly of alliteration or alternating acute of 56-pound and 84-pound weights with anniversary hand. The challenge was won by Edward Lawrence ‘E L’ Levy (1851-1932) of Birmingham. Elliot won his aboriginal appellation in 1894.The Olympic Amateur were captivated in age-old Greece for twelve centuries, until AD 393 if they were abolished by the Emperor Theodosius and the abundant amphitheater at Olympia was accustomed to crumble into ruin. Britain was awful affecting in the movement appear an Olympic revival. The Cotswold Olympic Amateur were started by Robert Dover in 1636, continuing for 200 years, and in 1850 Doctor Penny Brooke founded an Olympic Society at Abundant Wenlock in Shropshire. Many new sports were getting devised and accustomed in Victorian England, and this ‘golden age’ of activity put an abstraction in the arch of a French blueblood alleged Baron Pierre de Coubertin, an adviser on concrete ability to his government, who was acceptable anxious about the beforehand of affairs in sport. If he visited England he was afflicted with the ability of amateur played absolutely for recreational purposes at accessible schools, and he admired the spirit of internationalism apparent by Doctor Brooke if he met him on a appointment to Abundant Wenlock. He was bent to animate the Olympic Amateur as a way to accompany adolescent humans calm to yield allotment in affable competition.

De Coubertin formed with constant activity to organise an International Sports Congress, and his efforts were adored in Paris on 23 June 1894, if he chaired a affair of 285 assembly from 13 nations, and a added 21 countries apprenticed their support. From this affair the International Olympic Committee came into being. It was absitively to authority the Amateur every four years, London getting the antecedent best for the aboriginal venue. However, de Coubertin basic to date the countdown Amateur to accompany with the accessible Paris Apple Fair appointed for 1900. However, activity was such that an beforehand date was demanded, and Greek assembly put in a appeal based on attitude for the Amateur to be captivated in Athens. The appeal was accepted, and the aboriginal avant-garde Olympic Amateur were staged in April 1896, at the amphitheater area its age-old antecedent had met its demise.Lawrence Levy had been complex in the Olympic Movement, and it was apparently due to his access that Elliot absitively to captain to Athens from Marseilles aboard the ‘SS Congo’. His arresting actualization acquired absolutely a activity if he accustomed in the Greek capital. The official address of the 1896 Olympic Amateur states: ‘This adolescent man admiring accepted account by his aberrant beauty. He was of absorbing stature, tall, well-proportioned, his hair and appearance of hasty fairness.’ He a lot of absolutely appealed to the Greeks, abnormally the females, and an Athens bi-weekly was prompted to report: ‘His handsome amount acquired for him an activity of alliance from a highly-placed adult admirer.’On Easter Monday afternoon, 6 April 1896, 4,000 acquisitive assemblage arranged into the newly-renovated Panathenaic Stadium, forth with de Coubertin and several added dignitaries, to apprehend Baron George of Greece advertise the aperture of ‘the aboriginal International Olympic Games.’ There were no official entries, a lot of competitors assume to accept travelled to Athens on their own initiative, and it is believed that about 250 men took allotment from 14 nations. Of the 81 non-Greeks alone ten were from the British Isles, and some of these were citizen in Athens. There were 43 challenge from ten sports – clue and field, cycling, fencing, gymnastics, rowing, sailing, shooting, swimming, weightlifting and wrestling. However, the canoeing challenge were annulled due to bad acclimate and the sailing was alone through abridgement of interest. Lawrence Levy advised to yield allotment in the weightlifting competition, but there was some adversity with alignment and he absitively to officiate instead. He aswell wrote letters on challenge for the Birmingham Post. A part of the thousand or so humans alfresco the amphitheater was the Royal Navy aggregation of HMS Howe docked at Piraeus.James Connolly of Boston became the aboriginal Olympic best if he won the amateur jump on the aboriginal day of competition. Times in the active challenge were not accepted to be fast because the aeroembolism were too aciculate to be adjourned at speed. Launceston Elliot was one of 15 men who entered for the heats of the 100 metres, and the aboriginal Briton to attack in the Olympics was Charles Gmelin (1872-1950) of Oxford University, who came fourth in the third heat. Elliot was aswell alone in the heats. The sprints produced an adventure of banana absurdity if a active French agent insisted on cutting white gloves because he was assuming in foreground of royalty. Charles Gmelin became the aboriginal Briton to attack in an Olympic final if he lined up for the 400 metres on the additional day. Britain’s sole adversary in the acreage challenge was George Stuart Robertson (1872-1967) of the London Athletic Club. He was a abstract academic and an Oxford dejected for the hammer. However, there was no bang accident at the Amateur so he entered the discus and came sixth. He aswell begin time to address circadian letters on the activity for Acreage magazine.There were just two challenge on the weightlifting programme, the one-handed lift and the two-handed lift, both appointed for the additional day, 7 April. In the aboriginal accident Elliot aloft 71 kilograms – 156 pounds, with his appropriate hand. The abutting anyone got to that was 57.2 kilograms – 126 pounds, by Viggo Jensen of Denmark, so Elliot won by about fifteen kilograms – thirty pounds, to become Britain’s aboriginal Olympic champion. Both men met afresh in the two-handed event, which acquired the aboriginal instance of an Olympic anticipation controversy. Both men aerial 111.5 kilograms – 245 pounds, but as in the two angry contest events, the accommodation of the referees went adjoin the Briton. Elliot was said to accept confused his bottom during his attack and the accommodation went to Jensen on the backbone of his ‘superior style’. Elliot appropriately became the aboriginal Briton to be placed additional in an Olympic event, and he aerial the a lot of weight if both disciplines were added together. Apparently, Baron George volunteered to advice bright up the apparatus, and afterwards appropriation one of the added weights, he threw it absolutely a ample distance!Elliot and Jensen met for a third time if they competed in the braiding aggressive accident three canicule later, as allotment of the gymnastics programme. Unfortunately, neither man managed to ability the top of the rope. On the afterward day, Elliot entered the angry competition, which took abode outdoors in a beach pit, and although it was technically a Greco-Roman event, leg holds were allowed. Elliot met Carl Schumann, a appalling Germany who had won three Olympic gymnastics championships and had placed fourth in the attempt putt. Elliot had a slight cerebral advantage in that he had baffled the German in the weightlifting. As it was, Schumann ‘grabbed him annular the average and threw him to the amphitheatre in the ablaze of an eye’ – and went on to win the competition.

The cost commemoration on the tenth and final day of antagonism took abode in cloudburst rain on 15 April. Baron George presented anniversary best with a argent brand and an olive annex and runners-up accustomed a brownish medallion. Third placed athletes went contributed and the presenting of gold, argent and brownish medals was not alien into the Olympic Amateur until 1908 in London. George Robertson recited a self-composed Greek ode, for which he accustomed a account annex from the king, as a array of champions brought the Amateur to a close. Robertson was knighted in 1928, and if he died at the age of 94 he was the endure accustomed survivor of the aboriginal Avant-garde Olympic Games.Launceston seems to accept alone the absorption he admiring a part of the flush and flush women of Athens, because in 1897 he affiliated Emelia Holder, the babe of a Kentish clergyman. His Olympic successes additional his aplomb and he went around from backbone to backbone in his sport. In 1899 he set four new weightlifting annal at the British Amateur Championships. His arresting anatomy brought him abundant fame, and he became one of the men displayed on nickelodeon cards which fabricated accepted examination in arcades at the alpha of the twentieth century. Music Hall or Variety Theatre was at the acme of its acceptance at the time, and Launceston created a aspect act with the acclaimed bazaar strongman, Montague Spencer, with which they toured Britain, Europe and South America. A part of backdrop apery a Roman amphitheatre and dressed as gladiators, they allowable a fight-to-the-death struggle, application cartoon weapons of the time, such as the cestus, trident and net. At the end of the show, Elliot gave exhibitions of strength, the afterpiece of which was to append a bike and addition on anniversary end of a continued metal pole which was accurate beyond his shoulders. He would accession them off the amphitheatre and alpha to revolve, accepting in drive until the two cyclists were horizontal.In 1923, he and his wife went to reside in Australia, authoritative their home in Melbourne, area he became a admired affiliate of a accumulation of acclaimed antic characters. In 1930, he developed blight of the back and was accepted to hospital for specialized emergency treatment. He bootless to balance from a austere operation, and died on 8 August 1930, age-old 58. He was active in the Fawker Cemetery in Melbourne. Because of his ancestors affiliation with the Earls of Minto he is the alone Olympic weightlifter to be listed in Burke’s Peerage, and as Britain’s alone Olympic weightlifting best he has a position of bulge in the Scottish Athletes Hall of Acclaim in Edinburgh.